• Q. Can I turn paper bills and documents back on if I choose to go paperless?

    • A. Yes, this preference can be changed at any time. After logging in, select Customer Preferences on the left and change your selections to “No” next to Paperless Billing Documents and/or Paperless Policy Documents.

  • Q. What types of documents are included when I go paperless?

    • A. By selecting “Yes” for your paperless options, you will then receive your bills, ID Cards and Declarations pages in a paperless format.

  • Q. How can going paperless help protect my identity?

    • A. Going paperless reduces the amount of paper mail we send to your mailbox, which may contain personal information and could easily be stolen from your mailbox. If you go paperless with Kemper Preferred, your bills and policy documents are stored and accessed in a secure online environment.

  • Q. Where do I find my paperless documents?

    • A. After logging in to kemperpreferred.com, all paperless documents and bills can be located on the Policy Overview page.

  • Q. How can I elect to receive my bill electronically?

    • A. There are two options for receiving your bills electronically:

      1. Select the Manage My Policy link along the top and log in. Select the Customer Preferences link on the left. Then select “Yes” next to Paperless Billing Documents to receive your bill electronically.
      2. Log on to your bank’s online bill pay site or MyCheckFree.com and enroll in eBilling for your policy.
  • Q. What is eBilling and how do I enroll?

    • A. eBilling allows you to view your Premium Bill and make payments electronically at your bank’s online bill pay site or at MyCheckFree.com. To enroll, follow the instructions at your bank site or MyCheckFree.com.

  • Q. What is the difference between eBilling and Paperless Billing Documents?

    • A. Enrollment in eBilling means you will no longer receive paper Premium Bills. It allows you to view and pay your Premium Bills at your bank’s online pay site.

      Enrollment in Paperless Billing Documents means that billing documents including but not limited to your Premium Bill will not be mailed to you. Instead you will be notified electronically that they are available for viewing at kemperpreferred.com.

      Whether signed up for eBilling or Paperless Billing Documents you can also continue to view your Premium Bill in the View documents section of kemperpreferred.com.