Add Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

Many Americans are financially impacted by identity fraud each year. Imagine that by disclosing seemingly insignificant information like your address or driver's license number, thieves can swipe your very means of identification.

Now imagine having to pay for the attorneys, documentation and other fees required to recover from identity fraud - all at your own expense. To counter this threat, various Kemper Preferred companies now offer coverage to protect you in the unfortunate, but possible, case that identity fraud makes you a victim.

As an ideal add-on to your Kemper Preferred Homeowners or Package Plus policy, Identity Fraud Expense Coverage will pay costs to help you recover from identity fraud, including:

  • Attorney fees incurred as a result of the particular case
  • Lost income resulting from time taken off of work to resolve the case
  • Costs to re-apply for loans previously rejected due to effects of the case
  • Costs of documents required by financial institutions to prove the case
  • Costs for long distance phone charges to institutions assisting in the resolution of the case
  • And more!

We can't predict if identity fraud will happen to you, but if you have this coverage we can help you get back on your feet if it does. Please contact your Kemper Preferred Agent to receive all the details regarding Identity Theft coverage.

Important Legal Notice: This summary only provides a brief description of the Identity Fraud Expense Coverage. The actual endorsement determines the terms, including but not limited to the expense covered, coverage amounts, conditions and coverage exclusions. In addition, this coverage is not available in all jurisdiction or through all Kemper Preferred companies. If you apply for this coverage and you qualify and it is available in your state, the coverage will be offered through the same underwriting company that writes your homeowners or package policy. This underwriting company is identified on the "Request to Add Identity Fraud Expense Coverage" page. For additional information about this company, please refer to the underwriting companies list below.

Underwriting Companies for Kemper Preferred Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

Below is a list of the Kemper Preferred underwriting companies that write Identity Fraud Expense Coverage in one or more states, along with each companies' respective principal place of business and other information:

  • Kemper Independence Insurance Company *
    12926 Gran Bay Parkway West
    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    NAIC #: 10914
    State of Domicile: IL
    CA COA: 07664
  • Trinity Universal Insurance Company *
    12790 Merit Drive, Suite 400
    Dallas, TX 75251
    NAIC #: 19887
    State of Domicile: TX
    CA COA: 3549
  • Unitrin Auto and Home Insurance Company *
    12926 Gran Bay Parkway West
    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    NAIC #: 16063
    State of Domicile: NY
    CA COA: 07738
  • Unitrin Preferred Insurance Company
    12926 Gran Bay Parkway West
    Jacksonville, FL 32258
    NAIC #: 25909
    State of Domicile: NY
  • Unitrin Safeguard Insurance Company
    400 S. Executive Drive, Suite 200
    Brookfield, WI 53005
    NAIC #: 40703
    State of Domicile: WI
  • Valley Property & Casualty Insurance Company
    4263 Commercial Street, Suite 400
    Salem, OR 97302
    NAIC #: 10698
    State of Domicile: OR
* Companies marked with an asterisk maintain a Certificate of Authority to transact insurance in California. The Certificate of Authority number for each of these companies is listed after "CA COA".